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About New Earth Lightwork

At New Earth Lightwork, we provide Integrative energy work Sessions that combine Neurolinguistic Programming and Holistic Energy techniques to assist in removing stagnant energy and invite the New Earth Frequency. Our approach can help you expand into a new way of being, unlocking your highest potential and living out your true authentic life.Jessi Reeser, Owner of New Earth Lightwork and Quantum energy practitioner Holistic Energy and Shamanic Practitioner has received certifications and education from various institutions, including the State of California University Long Beach. Our holistic approach to healing is what sets us apart from our competitors and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their full potential, heaven on earth and well-being.

About Services

15 Minute Consultation Connection

This 15 minute free phone consultation for us to connect on your spiritual goals and set a session plan. Here we can explore healing modalities that can support your healing, awakening, and spiritual intentions.


Zero-Point Energy Activation

These are shorter sessions designed to connect you to the zero point energy field of the heart and access your highest timeline with issues you are working in your life. These can be helpful to ground us back in to the energy of spirit and source. This will include 15 minutes of decoding the energy you are struggling with and a 15 minute healing session. These are good for energy tune ups or first time to healing work.


Hypnosis Session 

Hypnosis is natural process of deep relaxation that allows us to flow into an altered state of consciousness, in that altered state hypnosis allows direction of the healing to create a better state of being. Here we can remove trauma, stuck energy, emotions, heal ancestral DNA from the subconscious mind. 


Neurolinguistic Programming

This is a longer deeper session for looking to traverse more layers of the subconscious mind. We hold programs and ways of being deep in our subsconisoue and they can manifest in us negatively without us even knowing it. when going deeper we can uncover ancestral patters that we are carrying, we can uncover past trauma. These sessions are for those ready to go deeper and heal things that can be manifesting in the present. Using Neurolinguistic Programming we can clear and let go of energy you are holding onto and then reprogramming the subconscious mind with new belief systems that will create positive up levels in your conscious reality. 


Shamanic Chakra Clearing

 We have energy systems running all throughout the body. As we clean and clear our energetic field we directly clear the chakras. The Chakras are tied to organs and physical areas in the body. It is common to clear our these systems but it's essential to reprogram your energetic systems with the new information that up levels you. We store trauma, emotions, tension in the body and this can block our chakras. During this session we will work on blocks that you may have identified by where you my be having physical issues arising. I also work on opening up the whole chakra system from the crown and allowing higher connection to higher chakras that are not commonly talked about.


Eye Integrative Movement Session 

EMI is a treatment on past negative memories, trauma, depression, anxiety attacks and difficult memories. This approach supports our own inner healing mechanism using our eyes to support with our timeline healing. We can access any memory and bring it into the now and begin to heal and access what is needed to bring peace to tough areas of our life.


Spiritual Coaching and Healing Activations 

 This session is designed for those looking to heal by shifting their conscious reality through spiritual goals. I offer guidance and set spiritual plans. As everything is energy, as we identify energy that blocks us from up-leveling in our lives and reaching our authentic using a combination of healing modalities. These sessions are good if you want to experience the a mix of the modalities are work with and specific guidance on how to access your highest timeline of awakening and healing 


Plant Medicine Therapy 

I offer Ancestral Plant Medicine healing experiences and private 1:1

Email for more information if you are interested in healing with Plant Medicine. 

Certifications and Education

California State University 

Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition, Health & Wellness

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