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New Earth Spiritual Sanctuary 

Retreats for energy workers, lighter workers, alternative holistic practitioners, shamanic practitioner's, 
starseeds, and cosmic light beings


New Earth Frequency small group ceremonies to reach higher states of awareness, activate higher levels of soul connection,  sovereignty and connect with cosmic allies ! 

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Mission and Purpose 
New Earth Spiritual Sanctuary provides a space on sacred land to join in community, for the purpose of raising our vibrations through ceremony and sacrament, to offer insight, activation, and expansion on one’s own self-healing and self-realization journey to higher states of consciousness and our relation to nature and Mother Earth. We believe as we return back to a renewed connection to Mother Earth and ourselves, we impact our earth and make it evolve into a better state of being with respect and love in truth to all things. 

 Our Facilitators have been trained in the traditional Amazonian way. Dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable space for you to embark on your natural plant medicine journey. Our ceremonies are conducted with the utmost respect and integrity, and we work with only the highest quality ingredients

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How to attend a ceremony

You must complete the Intake Form to be considered for participation in ceremony. You will NOT be sent information on our ceremonies unless you have been deemed eligible to participate. You must complete a new Intake Form for each retreat weekend.

Once accepted, your spot will be reserved by making 50% of the  non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. Final payment for the remaining balance is due two weeks before the retreat starts. If you have made final payment and unable to attend, we will transfer your amount paid, minus your deposit, to a future retreat. We will not issue a refund as we pay for the retreat well in advance of the actual date.


How to register for a retreat
  • Step 1 - Complete Intake Form
  • Step 2 - Receive Acceptance Email and Zoom Scheduling link ( Application Review ) 
  • Step 3 - Make the non-refundable non-transferable of 50% 
  • Step 4 - Attend the pre retreat information call - info provided on acceptance email
  • Step 5 - Pay remaining balance 1 weeks prior to retreat date,

The Statement of Faith For New Earth Spiritual Sanctuary is as follows: 1.We practice the rights to align ourselves with the natural cycles of earth and we can gather during these vortices and places of where earths vibration is aligned to humans 2.We hold the awareness that each being living on earth is to live in with respect to all other living things and to respect earth as our mother planet and all her consciousness. We desire harmony with ourselves and other consciousness for the highest and best good of each individual on their healing, awakening and conscious evolution and the entire planet ascending to new earth. 3.We acknowledge the power of the universe, source energy that is the true source of all things that transcends all normal human duality, and that source energy is within each person and that the potentially to evolve and expand that energy in truth and love is within all! 4.We understand that the creative power of the universe is manifesting itself through all life on planet earth and the cosmos, that the divine masculine and divine feminine is within each human is a balance dual forces of equality 5.We are of the understanding that our inner world, Spiritual World Collective Unconsciousness, reflects our outer world and that we are directly manifesting the inner world of the universe on planet earth. We experience the belief that without the inner world or the spirit world there would not be a physical world and that both work together as one and are necessary for our service to ourselves and humanity to have both work in harmony. 6.No authoritarian hierarchy is recognized, we honor you experience of wisdom, knowledge and those who are willing to share their energy in this way as teachings and leadership 7.We do not recognize any kind of religion but instead acknowledge the living as being united conscious awareness of self and others and recognizing the divine source energy within us all with truth and love and we recognize earth as our mother, 8.As individuals we seek to expand our abilities to use our divine forces that we believe exist with each soul in this human form, that enable to active the force of unconditional love the highest frequency of the universe that has respect for all living beings and consciousness and nature 9.We believe that we are the living manifestation of life of evolution and expansion of consciousness that has spiritual meaning to the universe, and we understand our relation to these beliefs. 10.We are involved in the present and future evolution of Mother Earth to as she ascends to her next cycle of consciousness 11.We do not tolerate or accept any worship of lower dimensional worship, devils or satan as defined by the New Earth mission or artificial means of power or suffering 12.There is no power or authority over any human being that is derived from a negative place each human has their own higher self and will be treated as such 13.What we seek in nature is our birth rite to give back and receive for our highest well being, which is our true source of healing and awakening Sacraments and Sacerdotal Functions. The sacraments of the Church and the sacerdotal functions of the spiritual officers of the Church, are described as follows: 1.We acknowledge mother earth as our source of abundance and all her creations. 2.We practice ceremonies that honor many cultures that root from beyond space and time as well as ancestral traditions. 3.Ceremonial Acts of restoring and renewing our connection to Mother Earth. 4.Ceremonial Acts of renewing, healing, and assisting humans and all earth beings.


Ayahuasca is a plant consciousness that is brewed into a tea, made from the bark of the Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and leaves of the Chacruna plant (Psychotria viridis). The leaves contain the psychoactive substance DMT. It is a powerful ancestral medicine that has been consumed for hundreds of years by indigenous people in the Amazon. We believe that ayahuasca is moving to the west and becoming an option to many people who cannot always travel to the amazon and can provide life changing healing and awakening to many! 

We believe that grandmother medicine is a cosmic Allie and supports those on their healing, awakening, and ascension path. 



The Benefits

  • Clear out old energy and stuck patterns of belief systems and can help you have the breakthroughs you have been desiring deep down inside. These are life changing experiences and many people experience huge changes and manifestations in their life after ceremony which Is why integration these new energies is essential. 

  • Physical healing and body release, ayahuasca can help release the energetic hold of a illness, disease that has been in the body , some people may think of these as miracles but this has been done in the indigenous communities for years!

  • Letting go of anything that is no longer of service to you mentally, physically or energetically/soulfully

  • Uplevels, ayahuasca answers any questions if you bring them to her, she can open up your mind, body, and soul to new ways of being ! She is a profound consciousness and can provide insights on questions you only dare to dream of! 

  • Our small group ceremonies offer an intimate experience to journey through mother ayahuasca to go deeper into the profound plant ally with conscious awareness. Being aware is part of our evolution, we invite that into our circles to benefit your real life integration experience

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