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Stoney River
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Earth Medicine Woman

Welcome to my journey with earth medicine. As I have journeyed and travelled, I consider myself an earth being, sent from a star to support human consciousness to evolve, grow, learn from earth. I cannot heal you or take on your energy but I can activate, support and illuminate you with what I have learned from my experience. It is my great honor to share my heart, my energy, and my light to those I encounter on their path.


  • If you feel called and drawn to earth medicine and plant consciousness, then I believe Mother Earth is calling you to heal, evolve, and unite with her and she evolves. 


  • I offer facilitatation and guidance through earth medicine and plant consciousness


  •  You are your own healer and you have all you need to support your journey. I offer tools and earth consciousness to guide you. 


Earth Medicine 

Plant consciousness is served as a tool to connect with your own light and divine essence. Behind all the 'Stuff" is your higher self of consciousness ready to be activated to the highest Potential. 



My name is Jessi Reeser, I have a background in health and fitness for over ten years, I have a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, I have been on a journey with wholistic health for of 15 years. I am a certified in Alternative Holistic energy work, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic practices, Eye Movement Integration, Reiki, Munay Ki rites and Initiations. My practice and studies have led me to connect deeply with earth and her medicine through plant consciousness. My offerings now are primarily through plant medicine and reconnecting with our roots of earth and learning from her once again. As I deepen my studies and practice with this amazing field and wealth of medicine, I openly share my experience, learnings, and earth connection with those feeling the call to journey with earth as she evolves, grows, and up levels to a new state of consciousness, the new earth. 

My Offerings

1:1 Private plant medicine journeys 

Small group ceremonies 


family lineage ceremonies 

To Apply for Booking 

  • fill out contact form below ( leave brief  message of intentions)

  • Complete Health Screeening,Waivers and Liabilities 

  • Zoom/phone call Intake session 

  • Once approved - Begin journey preparations 

  • Complete deposit option

  • Finalize Ceremony Date and booking 

*Each plant medicine is different so the preparation guidelines  journey will vary 

Each person must be approved for ceremonies 

We reserve the right to deny applications based on health screening and for any other reason 

All ceremonies are spirit led and will follow similar structure but we allow the higher forces of energy to guide our spaces for the highest and best good of all. 

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